Design and Implementation of Hybrid Powered Air Compressor


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TITLE: Design and Implementation of Hybrid Powered Air Compressor

  • PROJECT YEAR: 2023
  • INSTITUTE: Akwa Ibom State University


Solar energy is renewable source of energy which can be used for many applications like power generation, water heating & cooking etc. The hard part is capturing the sunlight. It shines all over the earth. Air compressors, sometimes referred to as gas compressors, are devices or tools that reduce the volume of a gas thus creating pressure and heat in the gas being compressed. The most common application of this technology is the common or garden air compressor that you might have at home for inflating tyres or using with a spray-painting tool. The basic set up of a solar power air compressor is a number of solar panels that are made up of photovoltaic cells. The cells create direct current electricity through the reaction of photons with silicon dioxide. This direct current is used to power a motor that works the compressor unit. In the present work solar photo voltaic is used to generate the power to run the air compressor used for inflating tyres.

Keywords: solar energy, compressor, volume, solar photovoltaic, electricity.

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