Design and Construction of an Electronic Paper Stamping Machine


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TITLE: Design and Construction of an Electronic Paper Stamping Machine

  • PROJECT YEAR: 2023
  • INSTITUTE: Akwa Ibom State University


Stamping Machine is one of the principle machines in stamping industry and printing industry. It is mainly used as the name indicates to stamp the logo or any other symbols. Stamping mechanism of paper is useful in many kinds of organization like; University, Government offices, post offices, banks, colleges etc. The process of stamping was manually done, it was a human based operation that consist a lot of mistakes and inaccuracy. Automation has gained important place in the industries in last few decades. Majority of the automatic process came into existence to give better quality and highly accurate products. This project aims at developing a working model of a programmable logic Controlled Paper Stamping Machine that works on a micro controller which controls feed and stamping mechanism of paper. The feed of paper will encompass both manual and automatic feeding. The manual feeding will be done by operatives which allows access to stamp any size of paper. The automatic feeding will be accomplished using a servo motor and roller mechanism to stamp only A4 paper and this process can perform continuous stamping until the inventory in the  machine is exhausted and the stamping will be done by incorporating a simple link mechanism. Feed timing and  stamp movement will be controlled by micro controller. We have proposed a system which can work with good accuracy, clarity, reduce the wastage of time and consume less power.

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