The Mystery of Revival


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The Mystery of Revival by Niyi Olaleye


This book was not written out of an ambition to produce a book or earn fame but a burden the Lord wrought in my heart for many years which He instructed me to put a bit of it into writing but I waited for years before I concluded to publish this burden into a book.

Obviously God is about to do a work in our time which is the same as the life and ministry of Christ Jesus while on earth and this is the revival. The early apostles and Old Testament prophets were ordinary people like us but they lived in the reality of God’s power and grace, which allowed the gospel to spread with great impact. We are here on earth for nothing less than a greater glory. The Church is in her  wilderness but soon there shall be the manifestation and demonstration of God’s power and grace. I can assure you that the heavens will be open and the Lord will stretch the atmosphere of power and grace upon us in the kingdom: be conscious and courteous
of this truth.

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