Nigeria-Cameron Economic Relation


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Nigeria-Cameron Economic Relation



Before the intrusion of the Europeans into African territory, Nigeria and Camerron have developed economic relations through established kingdoms and villages. However, in 1960 both state officially established diplomatic relation. Sequel to the initiation of diplomatic relations between the two state, there are various trade, economic, scientific and technical bilateral agreements that were signed to guide and boost socio-cultural, political and economic interactions between the two countries. Consequently, economic interactions between both countries have grown tremendiously. However, most of their economic relations went unnoticed as scholars empahsis were placed on the politico-legal issue of boundary dispute between both state and the attendant ICJ judgment that emanated from it. Also there was a shift of focus to military partnership between both countries as a result of the issue of terrorism plaguing both state. However, from the foregoing, this study shall concern itself with two major objectives: firstly, it shall critically examine economic relations between Nigeria and Cameroon, with a view to unraveling the pattern and volume of economic interaction between both state from 1982-2022. Also, the project work shall ascertain if economic relations between both countries during the period under review has been in favour or against Nigeria. In a quest towards achieving these objectives, the study shall rely on historical analysis of relevant and available secondary source of materials with National Interest as a theoretical framework of analysis being used to underpin the study. However, the study revealed that both state economic relations have been based on trade which is largely unofficial and illegal at some point in time with such trade being in favour of Nigeria.

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