Christianity and Racism


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The book, “Christianity and Racism” leaves most curious minds wondering what relationship Christianity has with racism. They ask, “what’s the relationship between Christianity and Racism?”

Going further, they add, “maybe the book intends to look at the contributions of Christianity towards the fight against racism.

Actually, the book is out to answer the questions that bother most people about the activities of the Christian missionaries in the Africa continent and the fruit which they have left behind. As many people are beginning to ask questions about why Jesus Christ is presented as a white man while the devil is presented as a black man, some see this as an attempt to demonize the black race. Some people also ask why local African names were changed during Christian baptism, in some cases, local songs were banned in favour of Latin or English as if God did not understand the local languages.

Why these racist in nature? Were the African people really respected and treated as a people with dignity like the other races? Did the missionaries build on the religious culture of the African people as Paul did in Athens? Are all the negative things said about your ancestors true?


This is not in any way an attack against the religion. It is only an attempt to unravel the truth about the religion in view of helping the African people to see a different side of the religion.

Are you ready to hear the other side of the story?

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