AUTISM – A Current Guide for Parents with Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Encouraging Early Intervention


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This book is a detailed overview of the current knowledge available regarding living with an autistic kid with the exploration of topics such as diagnosis, support services, communication, and education, it has enabled parents with the information and tools to better understand and assist their autistic kid.




This book was written to enable parents with children on the spectrum to better understand and manage the everyday obstacles their kid’s experience. This book will offer you knowledge on autism and the issues it may create. It will also give you essential guidance and techniques on how to regulate your emotions, communicate more effectively and develop better connections with your child and other parents. I hope that this book will assist you to understand your child better and how the world sees your child. It is crucial to remember that every individual with autism is unique and that there is no “one size fits all” strategy for treating autism. I hope that this book will enrich you with the skills and resources you need to make life simpler, more pleasurable, and more meaningful for your child. Good luck on your journey and remember you are not alone!

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