Audience Perception Of The Effect Of Television Advertising On Women’s Buying Habits Of Ariel Detergent


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This study is based on a survey of randomly selected users of detergents in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State, Nigeria. It examined the role played by television adverts in influencing women’s preference for Ariel, which is one of the leading detergent brands in the home care industry in Nigeria. Results from the study revealed that women of different age group and marital status were equally influenced by television adverts in their preference for the brand. 66.67% of the respondents showed preference for Ariel out of the various brands of detergents studied. The major reasons adduced for the preference of Ariel are its captivating advertising (55.56%) and rich quality (33.33%). Television advertising was most preferred by 72.22% of the respondents of all the media used in advertising Ariel. The need for high preference to advertising is therefore highlighted for companies that want to not only retain their market but also take positive steps to increase their market share.

Background to the study

The essence of being in business by any business outfit is to produce for sales and profits. In order to remain in business, an organization must generate enough sales from its products to cover operating costs and post reasonable profit. For many organizations, sales estimate is the starting point in budgeting or profit planning. However, taking decision on sales is the most difficult tasks facing many business executives. This is because it is difficult to predict, estimate or determine with accuracy, potential customer’s demands as they are uncontrollable factors external to an organization.

Considering therefore, the importance of sales on business survival and the connection between customers and sales, it is expedient for organizations to engage in programs that can influence customer’s decision to purchase its products this is where advertising and brand management are relevant (Morden, 1991).

The growth of multiple products resulting from the springing up of several manufacturing companies has intensified competition over the years. Therefore for manufacturers to succeed in their products, for the manufacturers to have their products put across to the market, there is need to adopt competitive strategies like advertising. Advertising is a subset of promotion mix is one of the 4ps in the marketing mix: product, price, place and promotion. As a promotional strategy, advertising serves as a major tool in creating product awareness and condition the mind of a potential consumer. Understanding how consumers think and behave has many implications for business particularly retail chains with a large proportion of customers with low literacy levels as we have in Nigeria. In Nigeria, self-service and branded products characterized most retail shops. Research has shown that Nigeria populations consist of functionally illiterate consumers and most marketers know and take advantage of their thinking and buying behavior in virtually all their marketing activities. Why should marketers pay attention to a segment that may seem economically rewarding in marketing their products (Oladosu, 1993).

This research is aimed at studying the effect or influence of television adverts on the buying habits of women with special regard to Ariel detergent. Television adverts is chosen in the study because of its extensive spread and usage. It reaches the greatest number of people at the same time. By reaching the viewers at home in a relaxed mood and a reasonable and a reasonable receptive frame of mind, television advertising can exert a great effect on the consumers and thereby changing their attitude and patter of purchase. Television advertising is the non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an advertising company through the use of television. Television advertising is considered an important means of multi-media approach in getting to a great number of consumers at the same time. It allows producers to make promotions for their products and make the products known to the consumers through voice and picture. Hence television advertising stands above other media in terms of effectiveness in creating a lasting impression of the product on the product on the minds of the consumers (Ademola, 2009).

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